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QCdetect(TM) Residual DNA Detection Kit for E. coli

for Genetic Research
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep at -20 degrees C.
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Kit component

Kit component

1 x PCR Master Mix 2 x 1mL
DNA Dilution Buffer (DDB) 1 x 10 mL
E. coli Control DNA 1 x 40 μL


This product is a kit for quantifying genomic DNA from E. coli by qPCR (probe method).
It can be used for residual DNA testing for biopharmaceuticals and their manufacturing processes.

  • Features

    • Limit of detection : ≥ 0.003 pg/test
    • Limit of quantitation : ≥ 0.03 pg/test
    • Calibration curve with high linearity
    • Minimal inter-assay variability and high reproducibility
    • Easy operation using the pre-mix buffer
    • Less susceptible to impurities in sample
    • Contains an internal control
  • Detection wavelength

    E. coli gDNA 520nm (e.g., FAM)
    Internal Control 555nm (e.g., HEX)

    Note) Internal control is non-natural synthetic DNA.


Calibration curve

qPCR of 0.0003 pg to 30,000 pg of E. coli gDNA was performed using this kit to prepare a calibration curve (n = 3).

The calibration curve with high linearity was obtained over a wide concentration range from 0.003 pg to 30,000 pg.

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Detection of fragmented DNA

E. coli gDNA was fragmented by sonication and detected by this kit to examine whether the fragmented E. coli gDNA could be detected.

  • Fragmented gDNA could be detected with the same sensitivity as intact gDNA. A decrease in detection sensitivity was not observed, even for low concentrations of gDNA.

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Example of use of this kit for samples containing high-concentration protein - combined with DNA Extractor® Kit -

A sample containing 75 mg/mL human plasma-derived γ-globulin was spiked with E. coli gDNA at 0.1, 1, and 10 ng/mL, and DNA was extracted by DNA Extractor® Kit.
Then, the obtained DNA was quantified with QCdetectTM Residual DNA Detection kit for E. coli, and the spike recovery rate was obtained.

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    E. coli gDNA could be recovered with a high recovery rate, even when a high-protein sample was used.

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Overview / Applications

Outline This kit detects host cell-derived genomic DNA remaining in biological products such as vaccines and biopharmaceuticals by the qPCR methods using the TaqMan probe.
Our unique polymerase configuration enable highly sensitive detection of trace amounts of DNA contained in samples.

In order to suppress human error during liquid preparation and improve the work efficiency and the test accuracy, the PCR reaction solution is prepared in one bottle as 1 x PCR Master mix.
In addition, it contains the primers/probes and the templates for internal control, so you can confirm that the PCR reaction is performed corrrectly.

When used in combination with the separately sold [DNA Extractor Kit], it is possible to consistently extract and detedt genomic DNA in protein solution prepared using E. coli.
Instructions [Preparation of E. coli control DNA:
1. Mix 10uL of E. coli Control DNA in this kit and 990uL of DNA Dilution Buffer in this kit.
2. Dilute the E. coli Control DNA diluted in 1 in 10-fold increments with DNA Dilution Buffer to prepare a dilution series of 0.03pg/uL to 300pg/mL.
3. Perform PCR reaction according to the product insert sheet.


Manufacturer Information


For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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