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PresepR-C Florisil®

for Sample Pretreatment
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep at RT.
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10pcs x5
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286.00 USD

In stock in Japan


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Overview / Applications

Outline The solid-phase extraction method, as pretreatment of samples for HPLC and GC analyses, has advantages including reduction of labor and decrease of solvent usage, and now is frequently used instead of conventional methods with extraction solvent. It is also often used in the official methods for environmental and food analyses. There are two types of solid-phase extraction cartridges as follows: a syringe type with one end open (tentatively called "open type"), and a cartridge type with a filler enclosed in it that can be connected to a syringe (tentatively called "closed type"). This is a closed type product with Florisil enclosed in it.
Presep SeriesSyringe-type solid phase extraction cartridgeSolid phase extraction is a method used to extract the intended substance from samples with complex compositions and has the advantage of being simple and requiring only small quantities of solvents.Wako released "Presep Florisil" for sample pretreatment with a syringe type (6 mL) pack with Florisil (1.0 g). With the existing cartridge type column "Presep-C Florisil", please choose the most appropriate product, depending on your purpose.[Features]
  • Excellent recovery and reproducibility
  • Easy-to-use aluminum package with zipper
Presep Florisil (#291-44051)
Presep-C Florisil (#290-31951)
Filler Amount
1.0 g
0.95 g
Column Type
PP syringe column (6 mL)
PP cartridge column
Particle Size of Florisil
75 ~ 150 um (100~200 mesh)
75 ~ 150 um (100~200 mesh

Synthetic Magnesium Silicate Mini-Column
Main purpose, characteristics: Removal of lipids, pretreatment of pesticide residue in foods.


Manufacturer Information


For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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