Ligands & Organocatalysts

A ligand is a chemical that has functional binding sites to a metal ion in order to form a complex. The functional groups that generally have heteroatoms, involve one or more pairs of electrons for coordination. Not only in coordination chemistry but also in catalytical chemistry, fine chemicals, environmental chemistry, and many practical fields, the design of a ligand is very important for the achievement of improved efficiency. A Nobel Prize of Chemistry was given to this research field. In particular, phosphine ligands are very famous and popular in catalytic organic synthetic chemistry.
Also, organocatalysts are attracting attention as compounds showing functions similar to ligands. In this decade, chiral Brønsted acid catalysts, chiral urea-type catalysts, chiral phase transfer catalysts etc. have been developed and actively studied.
FUJIFILM Wako provides unique ligands and organic catalysts used in organic synthesis.

Product Line for Ligands & Organocatalysts


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