Serum alternatives for culturing neural stem cells

N2 Supplement Series

N2 supplement is an alternative to serum for culturing neural stem cells. It is suited for culturing primary neurons and neural stem cells. Differentiation of neural stem cells is induced by the components of FBS. Thus, serum alternatives like N2 supplement are used in order to maintain undifferentiated states of the cells. There are two products in this series: one prepared with apo-transferrin, and another prepared with holo-transferrin.


N2 Supplement with Transferrin (apo)

N2 supplement containing iron-free apo-transferrin.

Since the amount of ferrous ion to be added in the culture medium is minimized, it may be suitable for culturing cells that are sensitive to oxidative stress.

N2 Supplement with Transferrin (Holo)

Regular composition.

Comparing the Number of Neurons Derived from Rat Hippocampus


<Culture medium>
D-MEM/Ham’s F-12 + 2mmol/l L-glutamine + 1xN2 Supplement
+ 1xpenicillin-streptomycin + 25ng/ml bFGF

<Number of cells seeded>
16,000cells/cm2(12-well plate)

<Culture condition>
  37℃, 5%CO2

Culturing Neural Stem Cells Derived from Rat Hippocampus

N2 Supplement with Transferrin (Holo)


N2 Supplement with Transferrin (apo)


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ITS Supplement

Glutamine solution

NS Basal Medium / NS Supplement series

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