Deuterated Solvents

FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical deuterated solvents, separated by the level of technology used for production, are distinguished specified technique as high purity solvents, excellent for applications with strict or low level tolerances for water.

High Purity NMR Solvent

This series is a solvent for NMR measurement with high purity that reduces impurities that affect NMR measurement. No signal other than water and protium solvent* is observed in those products. This products do not contain impurities of other deuterium solvents and guarantees a low water content. So it is useful when conducting quality tests of pharmaceutical products and quantitative NMR (qNMR). 
*A signal with an intensity difference of 30% or more from the baseline.

Specification [Chloroform-d, 99.8% (High purity)]  

Requirement Specification
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Water max 0.003%
Degree of deuteration min. 99.8%
Assay (capillary GC) min. 99.9%
Impurities (NMR) (1H) to pass test
Impurities (NMR) (13C) to pass test
Impurities(NMR) (31P) to pass test
Impurities (NMR) (19F) to pass test

1H NMR chart (Chloroform-d)

FUJIFILM Wako Company A Company B Company C
Water max. 0.003% 0.005 % (CoA)
max. 0.02%
0.0013 % (CoA)
max. 0.01%
0.0015 % (CoA)
max. 0.01%
Assay min. 99.9% 100 % (CoA) min. 99% min. 99%
Impurities (NMR) (1H) to pass test Water peak
(1.49 ppm)
Impurity peaks
(1.24, 1.51, 2.00, 2.16 ppm)
Impurity peaks
(1.25, 1.51, 2.10ppm)
Impurities (NMR) (13C) to pass test - - -
Impurities (NMR) (31P) to pass test
Impurities (NMR) (19F) to pass test

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High Purity NMR Solvents

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Author: T. Miura


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