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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Analysis

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) occur in the environment as complex mixtures including compounds with mutagenic and carcinogenic activity. FUJIFILM Wako provides reliable analytical reference standards used for the analysis of PAHs using GC/LC chromatography. By using a dedicated analytical column optimized for the analysis of polycyclic aromatics results accuracy is greatly improved.


Wakopak® Wakosil-PAHs (LC Column)

Wakopak® Wakosil-PAHs is a dedicated column that uses packing agents optimized for the analysis of polycyclic aromatics. It is based on high purity silica gel with an average particle size of 5 μm. Shape recognition ability for PAHs is high, and theoretical plate number and resolution are excellent, so a sharp peak can be obtained.

  • Standard Mixture Solution (15 PHAs)

  • Outdoor Air Sample Analysis Application Examples

  • Column :Wakopak® Wakosil®-PAHs (4.6 mm x 250 mm)
    Eluent :A) CH3OH/H2O = 80/20 (v/v)
     B) CH3CN
    Gradient :0 - 15 min. B conc. 10 %
     5 - 15 min. B conc. 10 → 75 %
     15 - 25 min. B conc. 75 %
    Mixer Volume :500 µL High Press. Gradient mode
  • Flow Rate :1.0 mL/min. at 30 ℃
    Detection :FL 0.0min. λ ex 280 nm λ em 330 nm
    6.0min. λ ex 260 nm λ em 340 nm
    8.1min. λ ex 250 nm λ em 420 nm
    12.0min. λ ex 270 nm λ em 400 nm
    17.5min. λ ex 295 nm λ em 410 nm
    19.1min. λ ex 300 nm λ em 500 nm
    Injection Volume :10 µL
Sample: 1) Naphthalene 0.5 µg 6) Fluoranthene 0.48 µg 11) Benzo[k]fluoranthene 0.05 µg
2) Acenaphthene 0.2 µg 7) Pyrene 0.3 µg 12) Benzo[a]pyrene 0.03 µg
3) Fluorene 0.14 µg 8) Benzo[a]anthracene 0.06 µg 13) Dibenzo[a, h]anthracene 0.08 µg
4) Phenanthrene 0.25 µg 9) Chrysene 0.2 µg 14) Benzo[g, h, i]perylene 0.06 µg
5) Anthracene 0.03 µg 10) Benzo[b]fluoranthene 0.3 µg 15) Indeno[1, 2, 3-cd]pyrene 0.4 µg
in 1 mL CH3CN

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HPLC column for analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Author: A. Samoveanu

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