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QHow to calculate the molar concentration of the solution

The molar concentration unit [mol/ L (M)] is a conventionally widely used as concentration method. I...

QI need further information about the water which can be used for experiments.

Generally there are four types of water for experiments: demineralized water, pure water, distilled ...

QI need further information about activated carbon.

What is activated carbon? The activated carbon is just a charcoal which contains fine pores made by ...

QHow to calculate the concentration of a solution.

The molar concentration expressed in units of mol/l (M) is a widely used concentration method. It is...

QI need further information about solution and solubility.

The amendment (2+1) in the product name "hydrochloric acid (2 + 1)" or rather (a+b) in JIS "reagent ...

QI need further information about the measuring unit for viscosity.

Poise, cP, cps, etc. are usually used as measuring units for viscosity. In recent years, internatio...

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