Amino Acid, Peptides & Proteins

Amino acids are contained in food as nutrients and thus important chemical compounds. Approximately 20% of human body is composed of amino acids. Because amino acid concentration is strictly controlled in blood (plasma), and changes in amino acid in body fluid indicate altered metabolic and pathological conditions, it is used as an indicator of these conditions. To determination of amino acid sequence of protein or peptide in amino acid analysis, Edman method has been widely applied as a very useful method. In addition, to quantitative analysis of amino acids, derivatization methods (3-aminopyridyl-N-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate [APDS], phenylthiocarbamyl [PTC], and ninhydrin methods), by which amino acids are transformed into characteristic chemical compounds such as fluorescent substances to improve selectivity and sensitivity of measurement, have been applied.
FUJIFILM Wako has a large assortment of derivatizing reagents and standard solutions as well as buffers compatible with various automatic analyzers.

Author: N. Tsurutani

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