Color spray for TLC

Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray

Ninhydrin is used to color compounds with an amino group in TLC (thin layer chromatography). In the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray is used for the identification of Ephedra Herb.

Our "Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray" can spray 2 w/v% ninhydrin in ethanol (95) solution.


Analysis of artificial sweeteners using the Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray

Target compound
01678_img01.png 01678_img02.png 01678_img03.png
1. Glutamyl–valyl–glycine 2. Alitame 3. Advantame

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  • Analysis conditions
    Deployed solvent Chloroform/Methanol/Acetic acid/Water = 30/20/4/6
    Concentration of mixed solution 1. 10 μg/μL, 2. 2.5 μg/μL, 3. 2.5 μg/μL
    Development distance 7 cm (saturation development)
    Injection volume 4 μL
    TLC plate Silicagel 70 TLC Plate-Wako

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Synthetic Sweeteners

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