Digitonin is a spirostan saponin obtained from the seeds and leaves of digitalis (Digitalis purpurea, Digitalis lanata). A mild nonionic detergent, digitonin is used in a wide range of applications, including solubilization of membrane proteins, permeabilization of cellular membranes, isolation of mitochondria and quantitation of cholesterol.
Digitonin enables the isolation of neurotransmitter receptors, such as dopamine receptors, beta adrenergic receptors, and GABA receptors. Digitonin has also been used in cellular membrane analysis by Blue-Native PAGE and Cryo-EM.
Although Digitonin is sometimes considered difficult to use due to its low solubility in water, we provide water-soluble Digitonin for Biochemistry, prepared by an original, proprietary purification method.

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  • CAS No. 11024-24-1
    Molecular Formula C56H92O29
    Monomer MW (Da) 1,229.31
    Micelle MW (Da) 70,000
    CMC (mM) 25°C <0.5
    Aggregation number 60

Water Solubility and Aqueous Solution Stability

The water solubility and aqueous solution stability of Digitonin (Water Soluble) were compared to that of a competitor’s equivalent product. Digitonin solutions (10 w/v%) were prepared at room temperature or at 60℃, and stored at 4℃ for 15 days, prior to optical density (600nm) measurements.

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  • ■Compared products:
    - Wako Digitonin (Water soluble)
    - Company A’s water-soluble Digitonin
    ■Wako Digitonin lot no.: PTF7501
    ■Tested solubility: 10 w/v%
    ■Aqueous solution preparation procedure:
    1. Room temperature, mixing for 5 minutes.
    2. Incubation at 60℃ for 5 minutes.
    ■Aqueous solution storage temperature: 4℃.



Condition 1: Dissolved at Room temperature → Stored at 4℃ for 15 days

Wako Digitonin (Water Soluble) :
 No notable increase of OD value up to Day 10.
Company A’s Water Soluble Digitonin:
 Increase of OD value from Day 1.

Condition 2: Incubated at 60℃ for 5 minutes → Stored at 4℃ for 15days

Wako Digitonin (Water Soluble) :
 No precipitation observed by the end of the experiment (Day 15).
Company A’s Water Soluble Digitonin:
 Precipitation observed on Day 13.


Solubility and stability tests were performed on a 10 w/v% aqueous solution made from a typical lot of Digitonin. Note that 10 w/v% is much higher than the concentration adopted as quality criterion. Wako guarantees 4 w/v% solubility for every lot of Digitonin.


Digitonin (Water Soluble) for Biochemistry Digitonin (Ethanol Soluble), Wako Special Grade
Appearance : White ~ nearly white, powder Appearance : White ~ nearly white,
crystals ~ powder or mass
Solubility in water (4%) : to pass test Solubility in ethanol : to pass test
Loss on drying at 105℃ : max. 6.0% Loss on drying at 105℃ : max. 6.0%
Specific rotation [α]D20
(c=5, CH3COOH) (after drying)
: -45 ~ -50° Specific rotation [α]D20
(c=5, CH3COOH) (after drying)
: -45 ~ -50°
Residue after iginition (as sulfate) : max. 0.2% Residue after iginition (as sulfate) : max. 0.2%
Sensitivity : to pass test Sensitivity : to pass test

References - Application examples of Digitonin

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Digitonin (Solubility in water [4%]: to pass test)


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