Gel Stain Reagents (CBB)

Gel stain reagents are used to stain proteins in gel with Coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) after electrophoresis (PAGE).


This product is an improved version of CBB-R250 for general CBB staining. After fixation, proteins are stained simply by soaking the gel in Quick-CBB solution. Since no destaining is required, protein bands are detected quickly after SDS-PAGE.

Gel: SuperSep™ Ace 5–20%, 12-well
Sample: Sample: E. coli crude extract
Protein size marker


  • Proteins are detected in approximately 50 minutes.
  • The reagent is prepared simply by mixing equal volumes of Staining solutions A and B.


This product is an improved version of Quick-CBB using CBB-G250. Since no fixation or destaining is required, staining is completed quickly. It is also environmentally friendly as organic solvents such as methanol or acetic acid are not used. The background is low.

Gel: SuperSep™ Ace 5–20%, 17-well (Product Number: 194-15021)
Samples: [1 to 5] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 μL
     WIDE-VIEW™ Prestained Protein Size Marker (Product Number: 230-02221)
Samples: [6 to 10] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 μL
     Molecular weight marker, wide range


  • No organic solvents are used.
  • Proteins are stained easily and quickly.
  • The background is almost unstainable.
  • Proteins are detected in approximately 10 minutes using a microwave.


Washing: Deionized water (approximately 100 mL)
  ↓ (5 min × 3 times)
Staining: Staining solution (approximately 25 mL)
  ↓ (30 to 60 min)
Washing: Deionized water (approximately 100 mL)

Application example of Quick-CBB PLUS

Application example of Quick-CBB PLUS using a microwave for those who want to see the results quickly!

Quick-CBB PLUS can be used to complete staining and destaining quickly using a microwave. It is very convenient when you want to see the results immediately.


  1. Perform SDS-PAGE.
  2. Staining by using a microwave: 1 minute × 2 to 4 times (approximately 1 minute × once with Quick-CBB)
    Soak the gel in staining solution, cover it loosely with plastic wrap and heat for 1 minute in a microwave at 500 W. Repeat this procedure until the entire gel becomes colored.
  3. Destaining by using a microwave: 1 minute × 4 to 6 times
    Discard the staining solution in the tray and pour in 100 mL of deionized water to soak the gel. Heat the tray with balled-up Kimwipes® in a microwave for approximately 1 minute and then replace deionized water. Repeat the same procedure several times.

* The gel under the solution will not break if bumped. To remove the background, leave the gel in deionized water overnight. The background is almost completely removed.

(Notes) If the gel is completely covered with plastic wrap, make several holes with a needle. Since the tray becomes very hot, use gloves when removing it.

Staining results

Normal method Microwave method

Sample: BSA
Sample amount: ① 5 μg as total protein weight, ② to ⑨ 2-fold serial dilution from ①

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