PCR buffer useful for hard-to-amplify samples

[SHIMADZU] Ampdirect® Plus

Numerous substances in animal and plant tissues inhibit enzyme reactions. Therefore, DNA has to be purified from samples to allow analysis using PCR, etc.

Ampdirect® (PCR buffer) inhibits the effects of PCR inhibitors in samples, enabling PCR without DNA purification from various samples, including blood, animal and plant tissues, and SDS.


  • Simple and rapid
    It enables simple and rapid PCR without DNA purification.
  • Ideal for small sample quantities
    Since DNA purification is not required, there is no sample loss associated with purification, making it ideal for PCR using small sample quantities.
  • Stable PCR
    PCR is less likely to be inhibited by contaminants in samples, enabling stable PCR.
  • For sequencing and fragment analysis
    Amplification products can be used in sequencing and fragment analysis such as RFLP.
  • Hot-start enzyme
    Convenient and high-performance hot-start Taq Polymerase is used in Ampdirect® plus Enzyme Set.
  • Low cost
    As no DNA extraction kit or equipment is required, running costs can be reduced.


Positively (e.g., certain proteins) and negatively charged substances (e.g., certain sugars, pigments) in animal body fluids such as blood may be adsorbed on DNA and DNA synthetase, respectively, to inhibit PCR. Since Ampdirect® neutralizes these substances, animal body fluids such blood can be directly used in PCR.

Example of use

Mouse genotyping

PCR was performed on a mouse tail using Ampdirect® (buffer), which inhibits the effects of various PCR inhibitors, and BIOTAQ™ (recommended enzyme).

DNA purification is not required, enabling simple, rapid, and low-cost mouse genotyping.

PCR on microorganisms

PCR was performed on the microorganism using Ampdirect® (buffer), which inhibits the effects of various PCR inhibitors such as proteins and polysaccharides, and BIOTAQ™ (recommended enzyme).

DNA purification is not required, enabling simple and rapid PCR.

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