ELISA-Star™ Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate

ELISA-Star™ Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate is a highly sensitive chemiluminescent peroxidase reagent for ELISA. It has highly stable luminescence and excellent sensitivity and quantifiability in the low antigen concentration region.


  • Highly sensitive detection
  • Prolonged luminescence

Kit composition

Product Number 299-78801 295-78803 293-78804
Volume For 20 mL For 100 mL For 250 mL
Luminescent solution A 10 mL 50 mL 125 mL
Luminescent solution B 10 mL 50 mL 125 mL

Comparison of luminescence sensitivity

ELISA-Star™ has excellent quantifiability in the low concentration range.

Luminescence persistence

Luminescence decay rate
  • ELISA-Star™ -22.0% after 10 min, -32.2% after 20 min (See below a figure)
  • Competitor's product -34.0% after 10 min


  1. Prepare a well plate that has completed a peroxidase-labeled antibody reaction.
  2. Place and mix equal volumes of Luminescent solution A and Luminescent solution B in a tube.
  3. Allow the mixture to stand for approximately 15–30 minutes until it returns to room temperature.
  4. Add 100–150 µL of the mixture to each well of the plate.
  5. Shake the plate for 1 minute on a microplate shaker.
  6. Measure the luminescence using a luminometer.

  • Measure the luminescence within 1–20 minutes after addition of the mixture to the well. As time passes, the intensity of the luminescence decreases.

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