3D Culture Spheroid plates




PrimeSurface®cultureware comprises ultra low attachment (ULA) dishes and plates that promote scaffold free, self assembly of spheroid formation. The plates are pre-coated with unique ultra hydrophilic polymer that enables spontaneous spheroid formation of uniform size and shape.
This cultureware is used for stem cell research, drug discovery & development, and tissue engineering & regenerative medicine.


  • The various well bottom shapes of 96 well plate ULA plates provide options for optimal spheroid growth for different cell types . Even though the U bottom plates are most widely used, the V bottom and M (Spindle) bottom wells would be a preferred choice for some cell types, especially when developing tight spheroids.
  • Uniform single spheroid formation in each well
  • Stable, non-cytotoxic and non-adhesive surface
  • Easy handling, compatible with liquid robotic system
  • Sterilized individual packaging

Spheroid formation (mouse ES cell)

Plate PrimeSurface® MS-9096M
Cell mouse ES cell 129SV
Quantity of cells 1,500 cells/well
Culture Medium DMEM + 4.5 mg/mL Glc. + 15%(v/v) inactivated FCS + 1%(v/v) NEAA
+ L-Glutamine(2mM) + β-Mercaptethanol(110µM/mL) + 1%(v/v) Pen.-Strep.
Culture Condition 5% CO2, 37℃

PrimeSurface® 96 Slit-well Plate

A new design of ultra-low attachment 3D plate to facilitate easy handling of media exchange without disrupting spheroid formation.

Enhanced Stem Cell Culturing in Regenerative Medicine


Cell culturing involves frequent media replacement to provide nutrition to growing cells. In a standard 96 well ultra low cell attachment plate, media aspiration or dispensing has to be done extremely carefully to avoid disturbing the unattached spheroid, making this a time consuming operation. With the introduction of PrimeSurface® 96 Slit-well Plate, media exchange for 96 well plates can be efficiently handled with one step dispensing or aspiration for all 96 wells decreasing the pipetting time by over 80% while minimizing the risk of spheroid damage.

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