Other Carriers for TLC and Related Reagents

TLC Plate

Product Code
Wakogel® FM Plate 20 plates (20 cm x 20 cm) 233-00533
Crushed silica gel (Wakogel®) is applied evenly on a glass plate. Gypsum and starch are used as a binder. 3 types of fluorescent substances are added.
Polyamide FM Plate 10 plates (5 cm x 10 cm) 164-08531
It is ideal for analysis of preservatives, disinfecting agents, antioxidants, sweeteners, coloring agents, etc. in foods. Gypsum and starch are used as a binder. 3 types of fluorescent substances are added.

TLC Carriers "Wakogel® B Series"

  • A carrier for separating acidic or neutral compounds, that mainly made of silica gel. If the sample is neutral and has one or two functional groups, it is developed by using activated thin layers with a single or mixed developing solvent.

    If the sample is an organic base, add a few drops of ammonia or diethylamine to the developing solvent. On the other hand, to separate acidic compounds, add a few drops of acetic acid. If the developing solvent contains water, create a thin layer by mixing Wakogel® with water.

    Heating is not needed for activation.

  • Product Name Product Code
    Wakogel® B-0(binder not included) 45 μm 80 % up 235-00015
    Wakogel® B-0 F(binder not included) 45 μm 80 % up 237-00651
    Wakogel® B-5F(binder 5 %) 45 μm 80 % up 234-00041, 230-00043
    Wakogel® B-5 FM(binder 5 %) 45 μm 80 % up 230-00521
    Wakogel® B-10(binder 10 %) 45 μm 80 % up 239-00035

    *F: A single fluorescent substance is added. FM: A mixture of 3 types of fluorescent substances is added.

Polyamide B Series

  • Polyamide is a polymer containing acid-amide bonds (-CONH-). Polyamide is neutral, has a larger adsorption capacity than inorganic adsorbents, and is effective for the separation of DNP-amino acids, glycosides, carboxylic acids, aromatic nitro compounds, and especially of phenols, including simple phenols, bromophenols, and phenolic alkaloids.

  • Product Name Product Code
    Polyamide B-0 (binder not included) 167-06181

Color Spray for TLC "Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray"

  • Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray is convenient for qualitative and quantitative determination of amino acids, etc. in chromatography, such as paper chromatography and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

    When heated to temperatures between 120°C and 150°C after spraying, the color of amino acids and amino sugars changes to red-purple and can be detected. The spray is equipped with a cap for easy degassing.

  • Product Name Product Code
    Ninhydrin-ethanol TS Spray 141-09661

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