Carrier Proteins

FUJIFILM Wako has a line up of our carrier proteins as reagents for immunological studies.

Ovalbumin, Low Endotoxin

Ovalbumin is a glycoprotein contained in chicken eggs with a molecular weight of approximately 45 kDa. Contains a reduced endotoxin concentration, for carrier protein and allergen studies.

  • Derived from chicken eggs
  • Endotoxin concentration <1 EU/mg
  • Dialyzed
  • Lyophilized

Example of preparation of stock solution (10 mg/mL)

  1. To 10 mg of this product, add 1 mL of PBS (sterile, endotoxin-free).
  2. Mix well.
  3. Pass the solution through a 0.2 μm filter to sterilize.
  4. Store the prepared solution at -20°C away from light, and use within 6 months.

Albumin, from bovine serum (BSA), Cohn fraction V, pH 7.0

Albumin is the most abundant acid protein in blood serum. It is widely used as a diluent or stabilizer for biologically sensitive macromolecules such as enzymes and growth factors, as a carrier protein for antibody production, as a blocking reagent for ELISA, and as a secondary reference material for molecular weight/amino acid/nitrogen content measurement.

  • Derived from bovine serum
  • Endotoxin concentration <3 EU/mg

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Ovalbumin, Low Endotoxin

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Sterile Water


Pristane, Synthetic

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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