Hydrogen Peroxide for Isolator

Isolator is a device for maintaining a sterile and dust-free space. Formaldehyde have been used as a disinfectant, but hydrogen peroxide is now employing. Because, to avoid for toxicity of formaldehyde to the human is important. This product is hydrogen peroxide which can be used for disinfection inside the isolator.


  • Stabilizer free
  • Concentration: 35.0±1.0%
  • Pass isolator test
  • Expire: for 3 years


Item Spec
appearance colorless, clear liquid
evaporation residue 10ppm max
chloride(Cl) 1ppm max
phosphate(PO4 1ppm max
sulfate(SO4 1ppm max
sodium(Na) 50ppb max
calcium(K) 50ppb max
cupper(Cu) 10ppb max
aluminum(Al) 500ppb max
tin(Sn) report actual value
lead(Pb) 100ppb max
arsenic(As) 5ppb max
iron(Fe) 50ppb max
total nitrogen (N) 2ppm max
isolator test pass to test
assay 34.0-36.0 %

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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