XenoScreen™ GSH-EE (Tube type)

Reactive Metabolites Detection

XenoScreen™ GSH-EE (Tube type) is useful for identification of candidate drug compounds that produce reactive metabolites. Reactive metabolites are metabolites with high reactivity, generated by metabolism of a candidate drug compound, and are considered to be involved in the occurrence of idiosyncratic drug toxicity [IDT].


High Sensitive and Selective

Reactive metabolites can be detected with high-sensitivity by using glutathione ethyl ester (GSH-EE) as a trapping reagent in comparison to glutathione. The use of a more lipophilic glutathione analog such as GSH-EE significantly improves the MS sensitivity of the assay.

Ready to Use Reagent (No reagent preparation is required)

For one reaction, essential trapping reagents and various buffers can be aliquoted in multiple tubes. Troublesome weighing out of reagents and preparation of stock solutions is no longer required.


Analytical Data


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Author: A. Samoveanu

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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