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2019 The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston. November 2, 2019.

Date Saturday, November 2, 2019,11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Place Harvard University, Northwest Bldg., 52 Oxford Street, Room B103, Cambridge, MA 02138

2019 The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston. November 2, 2019.Slide1.PNG

The Future of Nano Science


  • Lecture 1 "Near infrared photoimmunotherapy of cancer", Hisataka Kobayashi (Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute/ NIH)
  • Lecture 2 "Organic ligand-stabilized metal nanoparticles and nano clusters: Implications in chemistry and biology", Cathleen Crudden (Professor and Killam Research Fellow, Queen's University. Research Professor, Institute Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM/WPI), Nagoya University)
  • Lecture 3 "Biohybrid micro/nano devices", Shoji Takeuchi (Professor,Institute International Research Center for Neurointelligence(IRCN/WPI) the University of Tokyo)
  • Panel Discussion on "the Future of Nano Science", all three lecturer and Professor Takao Hensch of Harvard University as a moderator.
  • Poster Session (application is requirerd) with flash talks, awards, and presentation session with lunch.
  • Exhibition by Sponsors.


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