• Production Sites

Production Sites

Production sites in Japan

※All GMP facilities except Aichi plant are audited by Japanese Authority

Osaka Plant

  • GMP

Manufactures pharmaceutical raw materials under GMP
Licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer
Research Laboratory is located

Main products

  • ・Pharmaceutical Raw materials
  • ・Life science reagents (PCR detection reagents, DNA extraction kits, etc.)
  • ・Chemical reagents (powder and liquid)
  • ・Culture media-related reagents (powder and liquid, processing solutions)
  • ・Diagnostic reagents

Audit History

GMP audit by the Japanese authority:

  • ・October 2021: inspected compliance of pharmaceuticals products by Pharmaceutical Affairs Division of Hyogo Prefecture (periodic inspection, domestic/export)
  • ・October 2018: Investigation/survey as above (partial changes)
  • ・October 2017: Investigation/survey as above (periodic inspection, domestic/export )

About 5-10 audits are conducted per year by domestic or overseas customers

Location Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Founded 1940
Site area 23,332m2 Certification ISO9001、
Number of employees About 220

Hirono Plant

  • GMP
  • ・Manufactures pharmaceutical materials under cGMP
  • ・Equipment for special reaction
     Super low-temperature reaction
     Low-pressure hydrogenation reaction
     Safe scale-up of borane reduction
     Fluorine corrosion resistant equipment
  • ・Licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer

Main products

  • ・APIs and Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • ・High pharmacological activity APIs and intermediates
  • ・Investigational drug APIs and intermediates
  • ・Chemicals for display materials
  • ・Chemicals for photosensitive materials
Location Hirono-cho, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Founded 1990
Site area 139,000m2 Certification ISO9001
Number of employees About 150

Tokyo Plant

  • ・Manufactures pharmaceutical intermediate under ISO9001
  • ・Laboratory is located

Main products

  • ・Analytical reagents
     -Certified reference materials
     -Reagents for pharmaceutical testing
  • ・Various solvents
     -Solvents for nucleic acid synthesis
     -HPLC solvents….etc
  • ・Polymerization initiators
  • ・Semiconductor-related materials
  • ・Cosmetic raw materials
Location Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan Founded 1964
Site area About 65,942m2 Certification ISO9001
Number of employees About 350

Hiratsuka Plant

  • ・Manufactures pharmaceutical intermediate under ISO9001
  • ・Variety of multi-purpose facilities such as Kilo Labs

Main products

  • ・Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • ・Chemicals for photosensitive materials
  • ・Chemicals for display materials
  • ・Materials for X-ray diagnostics
  • ・Antioxidants for coloring materials
Location Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Founded 1961
Site area 36,000m2 Certification ISO900
Number of employees About 300

Aichi Plant

  • GMP
  • Manufactures culture media
  • ・Suitable for large-scale production of pharmaceutical intermediates
  • ・Advanced Pollution Control Management
  • ・Manufacture culture media under GMP

Main products

  • ・Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • ・WakoVAC series (Culture media for biopharmaceuticals)
  • ・WFI Quality Water
  • ・Liquid Products for Bioprocessing
Location Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Founded 2004
Site area 176,000m2 Certification ISO9001
Number of employees About 150

Harima Plant

  • ・Medium-scale production plant manufactures Fine chemicals.
  • ・Production plant with fermentation facility

Main products

  • ・Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics raw materials
  • ・Antibiotics, Fermentation reagents
  • ・Functional materials
  • ・Azo polymerization initiators
Location Ako City, Hyogo prefecture, Japan Founded 1968
Site area 21,132m2 Certification ISO9001
Number of employees About 50

Miyazaki Plant

  • GMP
  • ・Manufacture pharmaceutical intermediate under GMP for small-scale
  • ・Licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer

Main products

  • ・Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • ・Additives for culture media
  • ・Reagents for analysis and research
  • ・Raw materials for Diagnostic reagents
Location Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan Founded 1986
Site area 35,000m2 Certification ISO9001
Number of employees About 70