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Residual DNA testing for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals

This is a sodium iodide method-based DNA extraction kit to isolate residual host cell DNA from biological samples. This kit follows the residual DNA extraction protocols described in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 43-NF38, <509> Residual DNA Testing.
The isolated DNA can be used for qPCR. This is suitable for the residual DNA testing derived from host cells, including CHO cells, E.coli, and yeast.
This kit can also be used for DNA isolation for the Threshold® System provided by Molecular Devices, LLC, which can quantify total DNA regardless of the origin.

Virus DNA quantification in human serum

This can be used for virus DNA isolation from human serum.


  • Organic solvents such as hazardous phenol and chloroform are not required.
  • The entire process is performed in a single tube, causing no loss, contamination, or mechanical DNA damage.
  • No solid phase extraction using silica carrier causes no loss by adsorption.
  • Minor oxidation damage to DNA and mechanical DNA damage.
  • A high yield rate is realized.
  • The product series used in the accumulated total of 963 publications※1

※1: Source: Google Scholar



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