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Free Sample Offer! Anti Iba1 Rabbit SPICA Dye 594-conjugated


Iba1 (Ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule1) is an approximately 17 kDa calcium-binding protein. It is used as a microglial marker because it is expressed specifically in microglia in the central nervous system1). It is expressed in both resting and activated microglia but is reportedly expressed more highly in activated microglia2). It is also expressed in macrophages in peripheral tissues and is known as AIF-1 (Allograft inflammatory factor-1). Iba1 binds to F-actin in cells to form actin bundles. The formation of actin bundles is thought to be required for the membrane ruffling observed during cell migration and phagocytosis3).
As well as the existing Anti Iba1, Rabbit (for Immunocytochemistry) (Product No. 019-19741), we offer the new one labeled with SCPIA Dye™ 594, a proprietary fluorescent dye. It enables you to save time to detect with a secondary antibody.

Free Sample Product Information

Product Number Product Name Package Size
012-28401 Anti Iba1, Rabbit, SPICA Dye™ 594-conjugated 10μL


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Product Overview

  • Antibody Information

    Clonality Polyclonal
    Antigen Synthetic peptide (Iba1 C-terminal sequence)
    Host Rabbit
    Reactivity Mouse, Rat
    Buffer PBS, 0.05% sodium azide
    Conjugate SPICA Dye™ 594 (Ex=575 nm, Em=611 nm)
    Applications Immunohistochemistry (Frozen Section) 1:200 - 2000
  • Application Data: Immunohistochemistry

    • Rat
    • Mouse
    Species: Rat / Mouse
    Site: Cerebral cortex
    Sample: Frozen section
    Antibody concentration: 1:200

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    A Novel Geneiba1 in the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class III Region Encoding an EF Hand Protein Expressed in a Monocytic Lineage
  2. Mori, I., Imai, Y., Kohsaka, S., & Kimura, Y.: Microbiol. Immunol., 44(8), 729(2000).
    Upregulated expression of Iba1 molecules in the central nervous system of mice in response to neurovirulent influenza A virus infection
  3. Sasaki, Y., Ohsawa, K., Kanazawa, H., Kohsaka, S., & Imai, Y. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 286(2), 292(2001).
    Iba1 is an actin-cross-linking protein in macrophages/microglia.


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