CTGF is a secreted protein of about 38 kDa produced from umbilical veins and vascular endothelial cells. CTGF is consist of four modules, and regulates chondrocyte proliferation / differentiation and intercellular adhesion. Some reports showed that CTGF is involved in various diseases such as cancer, renal failure, liver failure, and rheumatism. Our anti-CTGF antibody is mouse monoclonal antibody established by DNA immunization, specifically react with native form CTGF. It has neutralizing activity.
Apelin is a bioactive peptide ligand composed of 36 amino acids. It acts to reduce blood pressure, promote angiogenesis, and promote atherosclerosis by binding to and activating APJ receptor. It also exists in the nervous system; in fact, recent studies demonstrated its neuroprotective effects in a mouse model of ALS.
Our apelin antibody neutralizes apelin by binding to its active site.


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