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GenomONE®-GX EX is a kit for dedicated use for transfection of DNA using the lipid-like substance and auxiliary reagents (including HVJ-E and Enhancer). In difficult-to-transfect cells (e.g. Jurkat, K-562, RAW 264.7 and THP-1), GenomONE®-GX EX demonstrates higher transfection performance compared to representative lipofection reagent.

[HVJ-E: Hemagglutinating virus of Japan(HVJ) Envelope: inactivated Sendai Virus]

This kit is manufactured by ISHIHARA SANGYO KAISHA (ISK) in Japan. If you are interested in this kit and getting further product information, please check ISK website.


  • A novel gene delivery vector composed of a lipid-like substance and HVJ-E.
  • GenomONE®-GX EX's Enhancer suppresses innate immune responses by plasmid DNA and improves exogenous gene expression.
  • Exogenous gene expression is enhanced by GenomONE®-GX EX using a combination of KALA peptides.

Mechanism of Enhancer and KALA peptide-mediated endosomal escape


To protect themselves from exogenous factors such as viruses, cells have an intracellular defense system that recognizes exogenous DNA. In cells with transgene expression intrinsically suppressed by innate immune signaling, GenomONE-GX EX 's Enhancer can be expected to increase transgene expression levels, as it inhibits innate immune signaling in response to the recognition of exogenous DNA.

KALA peptides are able to destabilize the endosomal membrane and enhance the transfection efficiency of non-viral gene delivery vectors.

* KALA peptides are not included in GenomONE-GX EX kit.

Comparison of Transfection Reagent: Luciferase expression level


Various cell lines were transfected with a reporter plasmid encoding luciferase under a CAG promoter using either GenomONE-GX EX or Product L (a competitor) following manufacturer instructions. One day after transfection, luciferase expression was measured.

GenomONE®-GE EX indicated high expression level of luciferase in a lot of kinds of cell including immune cells.

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