siRNA/miRNA Transfection kit

GenomONE®-Si EX

GenomONE®-Si EX enables efficient siRNA/miRNA transfection in a variety of hard-to-transfect cells. Although GenomONE-Neo EX can also be used for siRNA/miRNA transfection, GenomONE-Si EX is expected to have a greater knockdown effect with simple operability.

This kit is manufactured by ISHIHARA SANGYO KAISHA (ISK) in Japan. If you are interested in this kit and getting further product information, please check ISK website.

What is GenomONE® EX Series (HVJ-E)?

HVJ Envelope(HVJ-E) is a novel and unique vesicle that employs the membrane fusion ability of the envelope of Sendai virus (Hemagglutinating virus of Japan; HVJ). The genome RNA of HVJ is completely inactivated to use HVJ-E in biosafety level 1(BSL1) laboratories.

HVJ-E is known for its ability to incorporate a variety of molecules, such as plasmid DNA, siRNA/miRNA or proteins and introduce them into the cytoplasm via membrane fusion. HVJ-E can also be used as a cell fusion reagent.



  • Optimal for transfection of synthetic oligo-type siRNA/miRNA
  • Simple operability (completion of transfection within 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Applicable also to suspended immune cells, transfection into which is usually difficult
    (e.g., Raji, THP-1, U-937, Jurkat, HL-60, Mouse primary T cell)
  • Compatible for in vivo delivery
  • Optimal for rapid screening of a large number of test samples (HTS:High-throughput screening)

Application data; Transfection into hard-to-transfect cells

Cyclophilin B miRNA transfection in mouse primary T cell and B cell

One day after stimulation of mouse splenocytes with PMA/ionomycin, T cells were isolated. One day after stimulation of mouse splenocytes with anti-CD40/LPS, B cells were isolated.
Two days after transfection of cyclophilin B miRNA using GenomONE®-Si EX mRNA expression of cyclophilin B was measured by qRT-PCR.

  • 01642_img02.png
  • 01642_img03.png

Expression of Cyclophilin B mRNA is knocked down in mouse primary T cell and B cell.

CDC2 siRNA transfection in difficult-to-transfect cells

In difficult-to-transfect cells, Raji and HL-60, CDC2 siRNA was transfected using GenomONE®-Si EX, product X, or product R (competitors). Two days after transfection, mRNA expression of CDC2 was measured by qRT-PCR.

  • 01642_img04.png
  • 01642_img05.png

In hard-to-transfect cells, expression of CDC2 mRNA is knocked down by GenomONE®-Si EX.

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