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Aβ Oligomer ELISA Kit

Recently, amyloid β(Aβ) oligomer has focused as a cause of Alzheimer's disease. Aβ oligomer is a soluble aggregate by polymerized of Aβ monomers, and it impairs synaptic function of neurons. Aβ oligomer has several types, low molecular Aβ oligomers(Low-n oligomer) and high molecular Aβ oligomers (ADDL, Aβ*56 and proto-fibril).
It has reported that Aβ * 56 (12-mer) oligomer greatly affects memory damage1), and in cognitively normal adults Aβ*56 increased ahead of amyloid-β dimers or amyloid-β trimers, and pathological tau proteins and postsynaptic proteins correlated with Aβ*56, but not amyloid-β dimers or amyloid-β trimers2).
This item is an ELISA kit that can specifically measure high molecular Aβ oligomers.

Principles of the Assay

The sandwich ELISA using the same Aβ antibody(BAN50) for both capture and detection specifically reacts with ≧9mer Aβ oligomer, not react with 1-8mer Aβ1)2).

As a standard, a 16-mer MAP peptide with 16 epitopes of anti Aβ antibody (BAN50) is used and the measured value is the value calculated on the basis of 16-mer MAP peptide2).

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Performance / Application

Specificity to high-molecular weight Aβ oligomers

Aβ1-42 peptide was incubated overnight at 4°C and was separated into those that are <30 kDa (≤8-mers) and ≥ 30kDa (≥ 9-mer) by ultrafiltration. Each fraction was analyzed by western blotting and with the ELISA kit using anti-Aβ antibody (BAN50).

  • Western blot (Anti-Aβ antibody (BAN50))
  • Aβ oligomer-ELISA

The signal was weak for Fraction B containing ≤ 8-mers (< 30kDa), while the signal was strong for Fraction A containing ≥ 9-mers (≥ 30 kDa).

Example of the measurement

Human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

Aβ oligomers in the CSF derived from patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and without dementia (control) were measured using our ELISA kit and a competitor’s kit.

MMSE score ※4 Our Aβ oligomer kit (pM) Competitor’s Aβ oligomer kit (pg/mL)
Control 1 0.98 N.D.
Control 2 1.99 33
Control 3 1.69 37
Control 4 4.59 88
Control 5 1.73 55
AD1 20 4.40 90
AD2 20 4.11 113
AD3 26 4.95 100
AD4 24 5.84 78
AD5 15 5.74 105

※4: MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) score:
   30-28: Normal
   27-24: Suspected of mild cognitive impairment
   ≤ 23: Suspected of dementia

There was a significant difference in the measurements between the control and AD patients. Compared to the competitor’s product, the difference between the groups was larger when our product was used.


  1. Fukumoto, H., et al.: FASEB J., 24(8), 2716(2010).
  2. Kasai, T., et al.: Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 422 (3), 375(2012).

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