Lysyl Endopeptidase®, Biochemistry Grade (Lys-C)


Lysyl endopeptidase® is a serine protease that cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxy-terminal side of lysine residues with a high degree of specificity. It is inhibited by TLCK, PMSF, and DFP but not by TACK. Taking advantage of its excellent specificity, lysyl endopeptidase® is used for peptide fragmentation and peptide mapping for analysis of the primary structure of proteins.

Product Outline

  • Molecular weight: 27,000(Gel filtration), 30,000(SDS-PAGE)
  • Optimal pH: 9.0~9.5(Amidase activity)
  • Isoelectric point: 6.9~7.0
  • Substrate specificity
    ・Hydrolysable substrates・・・Tos-Lys-OMe, Bz-Lys-NH2, Bz-Lys-pNA, Lys-pNA
    ・Unhydrolysable substrates・・・Bz-Arg-NH2, Bz-Arg-pNA, Arg-pNA
  • Inhibitors: DFP, PMSF, TLCK


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