CLEM-Red is a monomeric red fluorescent protein. The excitation maximum is 588nm and the emission maximum is 633nm.


  • High pH stability and photostability
  • Monomeric fluorescent protein
  • Long wave red fluorescent protein
  • Quickly maturation at 37℃


Fluorescent Color far-Red
λex(nm) 588
λem(nm) 633
Brightness 25
pKa 5.4
Molecular weight (kDa) 26
Structure Monomer
Extinction coefficient, M-1cm-1 62,500
Maturation half-time(min) < 20

Brightness: extinction coefficient × quantum yield/1000

Product specification

Catalog Code Product Name Package Size Sequence Vector Map Price
165-28461 pCLEM-Red-mito 20μg View View Inquiry
169-28621 pCLEM-Red-gol 20μg View View
166-28631 pCLEM-Red-ER 20μg View View
163-28641 pCLEM-Red-lyso 20μg View View
160-28651 pCLEM-Red-C 20μg View View
167-28661 pCLEM-Red-N 20μg View View

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