for qNMR analysis

Standard Solutions for qNMR

Recently, it has been reported that qNMR with standard solution was able to carry out absolute quantification with accuracy.* These standard solutions offer the ability to perform qNMR to within 1% or lower without the need for a high-resolution balance and are SI traceable.

*Taichi Yamazaki, Takeshi Ohtsuki, Toru Miura, Takako Suematsu et al., Bunsekikagaku, Vol. 63 (2014) No. 4, p. 323-329.


  • Quality assurance by qNMR
  • With expanded uncertainty (k=2)
  • With information on density (20 ℃)
  • Possible to perform qNMR testing without precision balance
  • Possible to use in external qNMR method




Yamazaki T. et al. Bunseki Kagaku, 63, 323(2014):Study of Sample Preparation Method Using Internal Standard
Solution to Accurate Quantitative Analysis with 1H NMR Spectroscopy

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Author: T. Miura


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