Chromato Sheet Ⅱ

Chromato Sheet Ⅱ is a sheet for thin-layer chromatography (TLC). Chromato Sheet Ⅱ is made by fixing silica gel and fluorescent indicator F254 on "paper". It features the same separation property and reproducibility as the TLC plate.
Because the backing layer is "paper", it is light and compact to store and can be easily cut with scissors.


  • Like the TLC plate, it has excellent separation property and reproducibility
  • It can be cut easily to the desired size using scissors
  • It is not bulky and easy to store and can be filed
  • Memos can be written on the chromatography sheet with a pencil, etc.
  • It does not release any powder
  • Utraviolet Detection (254 nm) is possible

Example of Development

Comparison of Chromato Sheet Ⅱ and Silicagel 70 F254 TLC Plate-Wako

Left: Chromato Sheet Ⅱ
Right: Silicagel 70 F254 TLC Plate-Wako

Samples: Butter yellow, Sudan Red G, Indian phenol
Deployed solvent: Chloroform

Example of detection by ultraviolet (254 nm) using Chromato Sheet Ⅱ

Samples: Brucine, Oxy-propyl theophylline, Caffeine
Deployed solvent: Chloroform/Methanol = 9/1

Comparison with Silica Gel TLC Product (Glass Plate)

Product Name Deployment Time Rf Value
Dibutyl Phthalate Dimethyl Phthalate
Chromato Sheet Ⅱ 6 min and 10 s 0.44 0.24
Silicagel 70 F254 TLC Plate-Wako 5 min and 34 s 0.34 0.16
Silicagel 70 FM TLC Plate-Wako 5 min and 30 s 0.34 0.16
TLC plate manufactured by Company A 6 min and 30 s 0.39 0.19

TLC Conditions

Deployed solvent: n-Hexane/Ethyl Acetate=85/15 (v/v)
Sample: 1) Dibutyl Phthalate 2) Diethyl Phthalate


Size 20 cm x 20 cm
Thickness Approx. 0.3 mm
Weight Approx. 7 g/sheet
Silica gel used Crushed particles (5-20 μm in diameter)
Fluorescent indicator Impregnated F254 fluorescent indicator
Packaging 25 sheets

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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