Fluorescent protein expression vectors for CLEM

CLEM-Red, CLEM-Green Expression Vectors

We are handling fluorescent protein expression vectors applicable to correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). The fluorescent proteins (CLEM-Red, CLEM-Green) incorporated in the vectors can recover the fluorescence of electron microscopy samples weakened by osmium oxide with the fluorescence recovery reagents for CLEM (TUK Solution for multicolor). This makes it possible to perform both fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy on the same section.


Vector pCAG (animal cell expression vector)
MCS promoter CAG promoter
polyA signal SV40 polyA
antibiotic-resistant gene Neomycin / G-418
Vector size Approx. 5.8-7.0 kbp

Product specification

Vector Excitation Max Emission Max Product Code Product Name Intracellular Localization Vector Map Sequence
CLEM-Green 498 nm 507 nm 163-28881 pCLEM-Green-N - PDF PDF
160-28891 pCLEM-Green-C - PDF PDF
163-28901 pCLEM-Green-nuc Nucleus PDF PDF
CLEM-Red 588 nm 633 nm 167-28661 pCLEM-Red-N - PDF PDF
160-28651 pCLEM-Red-C - PDF PDF
165-28461 pCLEM-Red-mito Mitochondria PDF PDF
169-28621 pCLEM-Red-gol Golgi body PDF PDF
166-28631 pCLEM-Red-ER Endoplasmic reticulum PDF PDF
163-28641 pCLEM-Red-lyso Lysosome PDF PDF

Notice to Purchase

FUJIFILM Wako's products are intended for research use only. If you have requirements for sales and /or development of new vectors which were constructed by DNA fragments and/or sequence information of this product, please contact us.

Product specification

Catalog Code Product Name Package Size Sequence Vector Map Price
165-28461 pCLEM-Red-mito 20μg View View Inquiry
169-28621 pCLEM-Red-gol 20μg View View
166-28631 pCLEM-Red-ER 20μg View View
163-28641 pCLEM-Red-lyso 20μg View View
160-28651 pCLEM-Red-C 20μg View View
167-28661 pCLEM-Red-N 20μg View View

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